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Frequently asked questions:

About Twymt++

What advantage does the use of a C++ platform? +

The C++ language is widely used on many systems and provides in its currently the last version, the C++, very comprehensive tools to design their own projects quickly and efficiently. Based on this Twymt++ extends the possibilities by providing extensive WEB techniques.

How will Twymt++ cross platform? +

Twymt++ is based on C++, which is supported on different platforms.If this platform also offers sockets, then may be used in principle Twymt++. The source code is, for example, the same for Linux, Windows, Android-x86 or Mac OS X. Only things which are defined by the operating system or the various compilers are set separated in the code.

Is HTTPS supported? +

Yes, if the current OpenSSL (see is installed on the computer. OpenSSL itself is not part of Twymt. The enclosed PEM certificate and the PEM key are just an example and must be replaced by own ones.

Are there any graphics with Twymt++? +

Yes, HTML5 canvas objects and dynamically loadable SVG graphics are supported. Changes to the internal Twymt++ objects are passed to the performing clients.

What operating systems are supported by Twymt++? +

Currently, all Twymt++ components are either for Microsoft Windows, Linux operating systems (64bit, gcc 4.8), Android-x86 or Mac OS X compiled. Basically, presumably all systems are supported, for which a C++ compiler is offered. The code is designed to support both 32bit and 64bit systems.

What distinguishes Twymt++ from Twymtmaker? +

Twymt++ is a collection of libraries and header files, which it e.g. allows to expand customized products by an HTTP server. Requests to that server can be processed directly in your own program code. An extensive class library for editing XML/HTML objects completes the options. Twymtmaker is an application which allows you to customize WEB sites. Twymtmaker created thereby projects that require a server only as a file host. The dynamics of the website is determined by the client, thus, realized by the browser.

How do I get a license for Twymt++? +

Personalized licenses of Twymt++ can be requested at Twymt website. Use our contact page or contact us via e-mail:

About Twymtmaker

How does one create a page with Twymtmaker? +

Interactive in the browser, you can step by step create the project and of course look the same locally. If all works, it can later be copied to a server.

How do the mobile widgets in Twymtmaker? +

The cooperation of PHP, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript makes it possible to capture mouse events. Using CSS provides the changing the location of the HTML object. Screen changes are tracked and recorded by Twymtmaker. A tedious entry of positions is avoided.

What can I use the mobile widgets? +

Many sites present a more or less static structure. However, users can also customize their page structure to their needs and give displayed contents a different weighting.

About Twymty

Do I need to install Twymty? +

No, Twymty requires no special installation and can be accessed from anywhere. There is no special installation path. This means, it could also be provided on a USB stick, mobile phone, MP3 player etc..

How to use Open SSL with Twymty? +

OpenSSL is not a part of the software Twymty, it has to be installed on the computer before. However, if OpenSSL is installed, it can be used together with Twymty. The own signature and the key are referenced in the config file.

Twymty supports other codes than HTML? +

Yes, the version 0.967.0 supports HTML5 and CSS3.

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