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Twymty - Version 0.967.0 ► Mini Web Server and page inspector (HTML5 and CSS3 code analyze) - Software example

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Mini web server configurable (supporting SSL/TLS - HTTP/PHP/CGI/Perl).
Compatible with Linux, Raspbian and Windows.
Free download!
CoatiTwo requires no special installation and can be provided on a USB stick.


Twymty is a free http-server software (C++ Language) developed for Linux, Android-x86, Raspbian or Windows systems, which uses the CoatiFrame Framework and Twymt++ as a base.

Twymty allows you to access your WEB pages and find errors in your HTML5 and CSS3 code, which you might have not realized. Or simply see that everything is in order.

You can access your Twymty server through any of the modern browsers available on the web (for example: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Epiphany, Konqueror...). Twymty does not require an installation, you can save it onto a >USB, mobile phone, MP3 player etc. and access it when and where you find it necessary.


  • ► Download your Twymty here on this page.
  • ► Open the .zip file (for Windows systems) or .tgz file (for Linux).
  • ► Copy the XTwymty / XTwymty_ssl into the preferred folder or USB.
  • ► Open XTwymty / XTwymty_ssl with one click and type the address URL of the page you want to analyze.
  • Important: XTwymty_ssl is currently available for Linux only. For Windows, comes soon.

Twymty download here!

Software info:

Operating system
Windows(32bit), Windows(64bit), Raspberry PI-Linux arm32, Linux 64-bit
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