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Twymtmaker - Browser based website builder

Twymtmaker► Browser based website maker.

Creates Web pages from the browser!

Edits the page in the online view and saves all into the project folder.

The built-in Twymtmaker web server provides a simple configuration without administrator rights or expertise and will still meet most requirements.

The project created can be uploaded directly to the web host!

Highlights of Twymtmaker:

  • ► Twymtmaker uses PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 to create web projects.
  • ► In the development phase, the project can be viewed via a built-in HTTP or HTTPS server, depending on the choice.
  • ► Twymtmaker checks the internal logic of the project before it will be published.
  • ► All properties from the Biblioteken of Twymt++ are available.
  • ► Twymtmaker based only on the C++ standard libraries of the platform or framework CoatiFrame and binds no other packages, except OpenSSL for HTTPS.

Many of the skills of Twymtmaker based on client-server techniques which may be interesting for your own web projects.

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