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WEB-application Twymt++

The web-based cross platform Twymt++ is ideal for expanding existing projects to a web server and interact directly with the existing software solution. On the other hand, the platform also provide an option to create a standalone application. Unlike in Twymty , not only websites are provided, but also dynamically changes the content, that is one of the strengths of Twymt++!

Twymt++ is an extension of the individual platform or frameworks CoatiFrame .

The goal of CoatiFrame is to provide a common user interface which is independent from the operating system. CoatiFrame extendeds your project by a compact http or https-server framework, which is based only on the C++ standard libraries and doe's not depend on any other libraries. CoatiFrame uses the interactive capabilities of WEB browsers as a graphical interface.

Some important features are:

  • ► HTTP or HTTPS server.
  • ► Command handler for POST and GET.
  • ► Dynamic command lists.
  • ► XHTML documents can be directly mapped into a C++ class hierarchy.
  • ► Utilities to manipulate XHTML objects.
  • ► Session mapping.
  • ► Language mapping.
  • ► Multi client server.
  • ► Manipulation of SVG archives.
  • Important:Twymt++ and the CoatiFrame framework are functionally offline and online! This means that no active internet connection must be provided when using Twymt++ and CoatiFrame framework applications.

Twymt++ can be customized for your project and offers the possibility to expand your project to a web server and of the skills of Twymtmaker objects.

Dynamic updates for text displays or SVG objects included.

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